Pretty Good Solitaire - Egyptian Card Set

Pretty Good Solitaire - Egyptian Card Set 1.0

Egyptian-themed expansion for Pretty Good Solitaire
1.0 (See all)
Adds a deck with pictures from the Ancient Egypt representing gods or well-known sights as well as Egyptian-themed games and sound effects.

Pretty Good Solitaire is a game that contains various kinds of card solitaires. The program classifies these games according to different properties, such as most played games, luckiest games, hardest games, last played - and all the games can be viewed, arranged alphabetically. These classifications help players in searching and finding their preferred game easily and quickly.

Pretty Good Solitaire includes more than seven hundred games; for example, the games that are included in this program are: Appreciate, Spider, Double Free Cell, Eights Down, Friday, Midshipman, Carol, Wildflower, Giza, Private lane, Double Pyramid, Three up and many other interesting games that require intelligence and concentration. These games are suitable for different players of different ages and mental attitudes.

"Egyptian Card Set" is a unique card style that gives an ancient feeling to the games played within "Pretty Good Solitaire", for all fans of Ancient Egypt to enjoy playing them even more. The set, downloaded separately, offers many additional Egyptian games and adds a lot of backgrounds of the Ancient Egyptian gods and monuments which are well painted and easily recognized one from another.

The program helps you to customize your game in terms of background, sound options and cards' size. It's your time now to start exploring all these games - you will need to purchase the game itself though, in order to enjoy this nice card set.

Marian Zaky
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